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Our 4th version of the “Flea Market and Declutter Sale” concept was a big hit


‘Flea Market and Declutter’ events win hearts in Bangalore.

Last week we successfully organized yet another de-clutter and flea market event in Bangalore.This was our 4th such event.The event was held on the 3rd & 4th of September at Elan convention center, JP Nagar and saw participation from more than 100 sellers and witnessed over 10,000 footfalls.

Flea markets are a great way to enjoy weekends, hanging out with friends or loved ones, checking out the eclectic merchandise, snacking, listening to some good live music and returning with unique purchases and memories. People had come to our flea market with similar expectations, and from their reaction and feedback, we can say that, they were more than satisfied with the event. There is always something exciting for the regulars as well as first-timers in our events.

Stalls at the event exhibited a wide variety of handcrafted as well as other products. Every seller had something different to offer to the buyers. Around 2 Lakh products from across a variety of categories like designer clothes, jewelry, home furnishing, home decor, artifacts,fashion & home accessories,paintings, clay sculptures, books were on display – everything you’ve been trying to buy for a long long time, all under one roof.

The event also had a stall put up for an NGO, working for underprivileged children. Most of the visitors who had come to the flea market contributed to the cause wholeheartedly.

Apart from checking out the stalls, people were also seen interacting with the sellers, enjoying the live music, fashion shows and brand launches all throughout the weekend. Food trucks and stalls offering delicious food attracted hordes of crowd.

Shopping may not be everyone’s hobby but flea markets are an entirely different experience. There’s the uniqueness of it all: the colorful stalls, unique and antique products, talented and creative sellers and a story behind every product and seller! The entire sight was a feast to the eyes.

There were some enthusiastic early bird catchers,“It’s the best time to lookout for something rare, while the vendors are still unpacking,” one of the early visitors Mr Ravi said. “There are always surprises”. Mr Ravi collects coins, vintage paintings, currency notes, as a hobby.

“If you’re looking for quality bargains in old paintings, antiques or memorabilia, patience and time are a must” said Mr. Bangari, an antique and memorabilia collector in Bangalore, who regularly visits flea markets.

The ‘Declutter Sale and Flea Market’ event, is an attempt, by Yappily to try and promote the offline mode of decluttering and purchasing of unique & handcrafted items. The flea market sales also help the buyers in discovering  new and unique products which otherwise is not readily available. The ‘Declutter Sale and Flea Market’ will soon be launched in others cities across India. With these ‘Declutter Sale and Flea Market’ events , Yappily is also giving artisans and weavers, a medium to reach out to buyers.


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