A Tale Of Talent, Students And Yappily

A Tale Of Talent, Students And Yappily | Yappily Blog

I pity you, Mr. talent. One the most wasted things in the world, indeed…

Let’s start with a basic question,

Are you talented?


Don’t panic my friend! Self-doubt can be a disastrous trait, just throw it out and jump into an ocean of confidence.

You are talented, as is every other individual in this world. As the matter of fact, talent has always been one of the cornerstones of our society, our civilization, our world. So let yourself free in the ocean of confidence with a self-belief that you can swim all across it without the fear of drowning (read: Self-doubt).

But here is the question, why does talent is referred to as one of the most wasted things in this chaotic world?

As they say, Self-possessions are always undermined and others possession seem better.

We ourselves create a talent wasteland where the value of our own talent is not appreciated enough by oneself. In fact, we always tend to come up with 100 ways to waste it and don’t even realize it until much later. And students of NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) are one such example, oozing from talent and yet only a few are able to exploit its richness, perhaps in their student life. One can point to a number of reasons for the above situation among the students from time constraints to lack of platform, on a commercial or monetary level. The quality of creativity and talent in Indian education institutes is worth sharing with the entire world. The course structure in NIFT (for example) allows students to create various new products for assignments, tests, and evaluations. And herein lies the beauty, the enriching experience of creativity, a final product coated from the various different set of layers of new adventures of thought. Be it fashion or accessories or graphics, everything is new and ORIGINAL. And such things shouldn’t be hidden from the world, shouldn’t be just your class or college assignment, never to be remembered again. And that is where the mistake lies, mistake of not letting it out for the world to admire and accept it.

But actually it’s a sad reality. And the seed of this is planted from the very first day we enter this world. Maybe this is how our country works, we are always taught to hide our talent and instead weighted with one and only one objective i.e., our education and career. And then we become a pawn in a system which teaches us to keep low and passes it on. And that is where we go wrong.

Among all this, people who rebel and stand out become legend on their own, successful people who went against the tide and succeeded, maybe not instantly but gradually. So what stops you, I say nothing should. Nothing should keep one talented soul from unleashing its potential, living the dream. Many have done it, and you can be next. So why to wait till you finish your education or decades till you feel you are strong enough to follow the route? In fact, why wait at all? When you can imagine and create, why keep it to just yourself or few others?  Flash it out there, work upon the criticism and come with a better one next time. While at the same time make a living out of it. And this way you can do what you love, instead of doing what others love.

Now arrives one of the most intriguing problems: Who will provide an amateur but talented person with a support strong enough to showcase the talent? Who will provide the platform where the whole world can adore it and get amazed by the talent? Who is willing to bet against the odds for the sake of talent?

And the answer is WHAT, not WHO. A platform known as ‘YAPPILY’. It is a platform which appreciates the talent and original work and here you are guaranteed of an unbiased support for every student out there in our country. Yappily makes sure that we students don’t have to wait our entire early life to make a mark out there. Yappily chose students as one of the wheels for the initiative. An initiative to break the clutches and come up with first of its kind platform where students can list and sell their original and creative work. It gives us students an opportunity to be an entrepreneur from the start and instead of wasting our talent or using it for something not worth. Hence, join Yappily, showcase and make money out of it.

Fashion, accessory, handcrafts, art, graphics, comics…. anything. And don’t let this world fool you. Not only your talent but you are worth a lot. And Yappily replicates the thought in a new and refreshing way. But ultimately you have to realize it before it’s too late.

Who knows you can become an entrepreneur or a legend someday?

Think about that, my friend!

Thank you.

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